LJPro50 The Best Male Enhancement – Capsule

About LJPRO50

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Physically, although the signs of aging appear after we hit 30 years old, the actual aging process begins much earlier, as early as after puberty. Most of the physical aging is internal, our genes alter, cells start to lose their function, the production of enzymes and proteins necessary for the body declines – marginally initially and progressively more over time.

Many people are busy with their family, mortgages and careers as the visible signs of aging surface. These added pressures and stresses of life coupled with, in some cases, longer working hours, in other cases alcohol and tobacco, put additional strain on our bodies.

There are some people who take care of their body. They do not smoke, do not eat excessively, keep hydrated, eat healthily and exercise. They would maintain some appearance of youth longer but sometimes only in appearance. Although they may appear to age slower but nevertheless, age they do! However, now for all of us, we are proud to say there is renewed hope. LJPRO50 high absorption is the result of many years of research into aging and revitalizing through natural means. In many cultures around the world, traditional herbs once rejected in the rush for modern pharmaceuticals have been given renewed interest. Traditional medicine men, once shunned are now actively sought and consulted so that their vast knowledge once rejected is being sought by big pharmaceutical companies. LJPRO50 high absorption combines scientific knowledge and herbs of known effectiveness from many continents to deliver the best results. All the herbal extracts used in LJPRO50 high absorption are extracted to the highest level of concentration (50:1) safe and effective for human revitalization using the most effective latest patented Korean and German extraction technology.

Although for the moment, it may be an impossibility to totally reverse aging, it is possible to halt some of its more adverse effects and actively take control and regain an active and fulfilling life. To regain the lifestyle once thought lost and not recoverable. LJPRO50 high absorption is a unique biotechnological mixture of herbal remedies of the highest quality to help regenerate, enhance and boost the body physiological functions. It regulates and promotes blood circulation as well as nourishes the kidneys, promotes all vital organs and enhancing vitality and general well being.

When It Comes Sexual Performance, Your Age Is Just A Number…

Spontaneous, multiple orgasm-sex is NOT just for the young. Although with age, it is natural to lose our desire and prowess, the years of experience that comes with age would translate into some of the wildest sex of your life. And for some of us that know the SECRET - age is just a number. Really, thanks to this exciting discovery, nature doesn’t always gets its way. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 50, 70 or older – we will share with you the latest development in nutritional science that gives your body just what it needs to turn you into a sex machine with just one speed… Turbo drive!


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Each LJPRO50TM high absorption capsule (350mg) contains:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract 50mg
  • Epimedium Grandflorum Extract 50mg
  • Lepidium meyenii Extract 50mg
  • Cordyceps sinensis Extract 50mg
  • Gingko Biloba Extract 50mg
  • Saw Palmetto Extract 50mg
  • Tribulus terrestris Extract 50mg

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